INDYCAR: Marotti Racing closes in on IndyCar program

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Wednesday, 04 November 2015
Marshall Pruett

Will Marotti says his dream of fielding a team in the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 is taking the necessary steps to become a reality.

The Connecticut-based pastor recently visited chassis manufacturer Dallara in Italy, and reveals the Marotti Racing team is working on other key relationships to solidify a limited Verizon IndyCar Series program in 2016.

“I would say as of today we’re comfortably at 80 percent completion on the project,” Marotti (LEFT) told RACER. “I’m quite confident we’ll have a car entered; I’ve been to Dallara, put my hands on the chassis we intend to purchase as our primary, and we’ll also buy a gently-used chassis as the backup. We’re excited about bringing a brand-new car to Indy and plan to do more than compete; we want to race.”

Like the Grace Autosport team that is planning to make its Indy debut with the support of a partner team, Marotti says he’s pursuing a similar deal with an existing IndyCar entrant.

“We’ve been fortunate to meet some folks in Indianapolis and have made some connections; we’ve reached out to about a half-dozen teams, made a lot of phone calls and trips to meet with teams, and we’ve landed on who we’re going to align with,” he said.

“We’re not ready to announce names, but I think they’re excited about us, and we’re excited about them, so we have that settled. We’re going to be with a team that is capable of winning the race and we aren’t going there to be satisfied finishing 22nd.”

Marotti has also expanded his Indy 500 plans to include the Indianapolis road course race.

“Our goal, originally, was only for the 100th race, but it became apparent that because we’re new, and have a new car, we need to run the Angie’s List race to get the team ready, to do pit stops, and all the stuff you don’t want to do for the first time in the 500,” he said.

“So the way we’re approaching this with sponsors is at three levels. We’re offering Indy and the Angie’s List race, then those races plus the rest of the ovals and the Boston race because it’s in our backyard. And then we’re offering the full season. Only one of our sponsors would be able to do the full season, but we’re working on finding more.”

Marotti Racing has also formed an alliance with the Wounded Warrior Project, and intends to use its IndyCar program to benefit the charity.

“We’ve aligned with them, which all of our sponsors are behind,” he said. “And once we launch our social media campaign, we’ll ask people to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project, and our goal is to raise $1 million by Memorial Day to present to them at Indianapolis.”

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